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Automated Systems, Inc. offers the BEST & MOST ADVANCED Solution for Freight Auditing. We audit UPS, FedEX, DHL, TL and LTL carriers Performance so that you do not have too! We will better manage, control, process and react to all logistics functions. Call us for a FREE Operational Assessment, we are sure you will be impressed with our knowledge, unbiased advice, and solution based recommendations! Our Parcel Auditing System is the best Freight Audit mechanism in the industry. With The Intelligent Audit, we offer hundreds of Management Reports, Unparalleled Functionality, and Customizable Business Alerts; we will email you of any adverse condition. Our Multi Carrier Shipping Systems are the finest and most flexible on the market. We look forward to hearing from you and eventually serving your company!

Carrier Auditing Service

Parcel Audit Service

Do you ship UPS ® , FedEx ® or DHL ® ? Our Small Parcel Auditing system, The Intelligent Audit ® , a thorough Parcel Audit system for the carriers you ship with will recover freight fees. Whether you are a low volume or extremely high volume shippers, we shall audit each parcel you ship, each invoice you receive, every transaction you process; and submit any and all claims to the carrier on your behalf - truely a seamless system that Works! Period. read more
Multi Carrier Shipping Systems

Multi Carrier Shipping Systems


Zumbox-Paperless Postal System

Zumbox – the World’s First Paperless Postal System. If you’re like most businesses, you send a lot of paper mail. Zumbox is the first to provides a secure and confidential medium to transact with your customers, clients, vendors or whomever accepts your request, a document(s), advertisement, invoice, statement or media that is secure, even HIPPA compliant, so Go GREEN with Zumbox, see how… read more